Feltonbury 2018

Phew!! Just over a week on and we have all fully recovered from a fantastic 'Feltonbury2018' weekend!!

Forward-planning and feedback from previous events means that this has been the most successful fund-raising event by far and has firmly put it on the village's calendar of events.

Deducting essential expenses we calculate that we have raised in excess of £2,000 for 'The Plot'. As the Constitution of 'The Plot' imposes certain restrictions on how we can spend the money we are currently working out how and where 'The Plot' can spend those donations to give maximum advantage to the Felton and Thirston communities that it was set up to service. Early suggestions include encouraging wider community access to 'The Plot' by improving physical accessibility, installing composting toilets and temporary shelter.

We were also delighted that the increased footfall in the village throughout the day and evening provided a significant benefit to all of the village businesses - all of whom seemed to have an equally successful day. In addition, and behind the scenes, we used, and will continue to use, village services wherever possible to ensure that revenue generation will be retained within the local community.

None of this would have been achieved without the generous contributions of artists, musicians, catering, refreshments, volunteers and businesses - and primarily, through the communities' residents and visitors donations.

Each year 'lessons learnt' are incorporated, which, in conjunction with already established features and new innovative ideas, will endeavour to make 'Feltonbury2019' - Saturday 22nd June 2019 - even better than this year. Watch this space in due course to find out what they will be!!

Once again 'The Plot' congratulates everyone for making it so successful through the 'Feltonbury' concept. Here's a short writeup in the Gazette. https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/fun-in-the-sun-as-feltonbury-hits-the-right-note-once-again-1-9226016

Many thanks to Christophe Chevaugeon, Ian McAllister and Mike Poremba for the photos.

Emma George