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Wind instruments amongst others at the All Blown Out ensemble group
Handlebards at Felton Park - Felton Music Ensemble

Ensembles give people who share an interest in a type of music or instrument a chance to make music together. Each of our ensembles has a clear purpose. Some meet regularly while others are created for a specific event. If people enjoy them, the latter may evolve into ongoing groups.

Below you can find out about the ensembles that are running at the moment. If you are interested in joining any contact Alison on Get in touch if the ensemble you want isn't there. We may be able to put you in touch with others who share your interests and needs, and get something underway.

Ongoing Groups

All Blown Out 

All Blown Out emerged from a one-off morning for instrumentalists in January 2016. At the moment it's a combination of flutes, clarinets and saxophones, but anyone who would like to join in would be welcome.

Picking up an instrument again after years without playing, or starting from scratch is hard work, but also great fun. Some people are happy to play on their own, but others want to make music with others. Several of All Blown Out's members had never played in a group before, while some are experienced players who enjoy playing in a mixed ability group.

The main focus is on developing the skills involved in playing with others – coping with keeping a part that's different from everyone else's, playing together, listening, balancing and blending. Each person's part is written for them, in the hopes that no one is either over-faced or bored. We play in all sorts of different styles.

Occasional performances provide a goal and a chance to share what we've been doing with friends and families.

All Blown Out meets on the first and third Wednesday evenings of the month, from 7 to 9pm at one of the member's houses. There is no charge.

Fingers Adrift

Felton's recorder consort. Such has been the enthusiasm of adults returning to recorder playing that we now sport no fewer than 3 bass recorders. This group is for players of any or all sizes of recorder, happy to read music with one or two to a part and no conductor. Members sort out their own rehearsals from session to session.

The Georgianas

Named in celebration of their first public outing at the Regency Ball in 2017, the Georgianas grew out of the Start the Recorder course in Autumn 2016. From June 2019, there will be two taught sessions a month – both in the afternoon, one on a Monday and the other on a Wednesday. We'll work on skills for half an hour and then playing as an ensemble for about an hour and a half. The content for both the sessions in a month will be the same so people can attend one or both. 

These sessions are open to anyone who plays the recorder and would like to enjoy playing for improvement and pleasure in a small group. They will be made to measure for those who come, so don't feel you aren't good enough! All sizes for recorder welcome.

We meet at members' houses, so if you want to come along, you need to email to find the location. There's a subscription of 50p a month to cover the cost of materials.

Provisional dates: Wednesday June 12, Monday June 24, Wednesday July 10, Monday July 22. Once these dates have been finalised, they will go onto the calendar.


A group of up to about 16 women who meet to prepare for specific events singing madrigals in 2 or 3 parts. It's open to anyone who wants to join, but with only a few voices to a part singers need to have the experience or put in the practising time to feel confident.

We've just started our summer season, with lots of lovely songs charting the progress of love from optimism to acceptance of one's failure, via rejection and despair. All very Elizabethan and Jacobean. Loads of lovely music. We're singing at Feltonbury on June 22, and for the Handlebards performance on August 23, and are hoping to visit one or two old buildings in the locality to enjoy singing just for fun.

Ensembles for specific events

From time to time one-off opportunities for music-making occur, and Felton Music can facilitate these by advertising them, calling for volunteers and organising rehearsals.

Bow Brummel and the .......

The Regency Ball saw the first and perhaps the only appearance of a stringed instrument ensemble. Violins and a 'cello rubbed shoulders with guitars, mandolin, ukelele and a harp. The sound was glorious. Maybe some of those who played would like to work together on a more regular basis, and there could be others who'd like to join in.

Beyond the End of the Road

In 2016, Felton was fortunate to be selected as one of the communities involved in “Beyond the End of the Road”. This was to be a new musical for Northumberland, drawing on themes and anecdotes from several villages around the county. November Club, an arts company based in Morpeth, led the year long project. The performance came to Felton on June 11, 2017. One of the songs called for people, apparently just in the audience, to stand and sing. Eleven people from Felton and West Thirston spent three mornings learning the song, and then participated in the afternoon and evening shows. A couple of weeks later, seven of us took part in the performance at The Sage Gateshead.


Felton enjoys being included in the Handlebards tours. Handlebards provides bicycle- powered Shakespeare in the open air. In 2017 and 2018 Felton Music provided a group to perform Elizabethan music before and after the show. This provided those who enjoy playing recorders and singing madrigals an opportunity to share the music with others. HospiceCare North Northumberland organises the Felton event and others in the county. 

Felton Music performing Elizabethan Music before the Handlebards performance at Felton Park.


Upcoming Ensemble Events

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