Felton Music courses and workshops are designed with 6 principles in mind:

  • the content emerges from what people feel they would like to learn and that can be delivered

  • music learning has to fit round other things in people's lives, so courses are short, and sessions have alternative dates or work on a drop-in basis

  • potential participants are consulted about dates and times

  • learning works best when people are engaged and relaxed

  • costs are kept low, just covering materials, refreshments, and room hire when necessary – some groups meet in people's houses

  • nothing is offered that will detract from or undercut other learning opportunities in the area


Felton Music Saturday Workshops

Monthly drop in sessions: sing or play – or do both


Better Recorder Playing Course

A year-long project for those who have basic skills


Music Literacy Course

Improve your ability to read music notation


Other courses and workshops

Opportunities waiting in the wings