Planned Trips & Other Outings

A couple of times since Felton Music got going, some of us have enjoyed going to an event together. It’s often after a really nice concert that people think it would have been fun to share a car. We should be able to use the website to identify events and activities that might interest several people well in advance. We’ll have time to book tickets together and arrange transport.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

On the 19th August, twenty five people travelled to Edinburgh in Travelsure luxury, for an exciting day exploring the Fringe Festival and lots of other events. Everyone did their own thing, taking in performing, visual and verbal arts, shows in venues, pubs and on the streets, before subsiding back into their seats to be transported back to the village.

We're all up for repeating the experience in 2018. Watch this page for booking information.

2017/18 Classical Concerts at The Sage, Gateshead

For its series of classical orchestral concerts, the Sage Gateshead arranges buses to travel in from the north and west of the county. For just £8 on top of the cost of your concert ticket, you get door to door transport each way. This makes the concerts particularly tempting for a bit of a group outing.

If you fancy going to any of these concerts in company, make contact as soon as possible and we'll use the website to find others who would like to go. The concert details are listed below, click to find out more information.

PLANNED OUTINGS (click for more info)