Felton Music Downloadable Resources

These materials are designed for adults who would like to be more competent and confident working with music. They focus on the knowledge and especially the skills that people involved in Felton Music groups often say they feel they lack. Being able to read music is what many would like to do better, and the materials are very useful for that. Anyone, anywhere is welcome to use the materials. If you want to share them, do say where they came from. There is no use of printed music that is copyright.

The materials come in the form of small scale projects, mainly practical. Each is one A4 sheet stored as a pdf. When you look at a project, see it as a recipe for learning. You're told what you should learn from doing it and what you'll need. You may find that it is recommended you have completed another project in preparation. This avoids repetition in the activities.

Each project is in one of 7 strands. Click on the titles below, there, you'll find an explanation of what the strand is about, and a list of the projects that you can click on. 

Some of the projects link to each other in learning collections, while others are free standing. Below is a list which shows you all the learning collections and individual projects that are available. This will be updated when projects are added. You can click on any learning collection or individual project to find it.

Learning Collection 1

JUNE 2019: Getting Started with Frère Jacques and Friends

Learning Collection 2

JULY 2019: Learning lots with Monteverdi's Gloria

Feedback is very helpful. It will encourage me to produce more projects, guide me towards topics you would find useful and ensure that the sheets make sense and are achievable. Email me at felton4music@gmail.com