Noticeboard: 19th October 2019



Do you know anyone who might enjoy coming along to a Felton Music Saturday when they haven't a better offer?! Do spread the word. All the sessions are viable, but we could easily cope with more people. Singing things in the morning, instrumental stuff in the afternoon, including an hour for ukuleles, guitars, banjos – any instruments with frets which complements what people may be doing elsewhere or on their own. We play (singing optional) and explore the chords and how the music works. Slow tunes for an hour and a half – learning and playing folk tunes at a manageable speed and then a unique opportunity to play Swedish Folk Music.

If there's anywhere you could display an A4 poster, there's one here to print out. The next Music Saturday is on November 9.

  • Here's a message from Hazel, about singing carols:

    I am Hazel Metherell, a member of The Bridge Singers in Felton. Last year I arranged for groups of singers to go out into Care Homes in the area in the run up to Christmas, to sing carols with the residents. The feedback from residents, staff and singers was all positive, so I am aiming to do the same this year. Would you like to be part of a group of 8-12 singers to take part in a visit? 

    I have offered sessions in the mornings ( 10.30 ish) or afternoons (1.30ish) during the week of Sunday 15th to Friday 20th December. At this stage I just need a list of singers interested in coming for one or more sessions, and I will later be asking for who is available when. You do not have to come to all of them! We usually sing for 30-45 minutes, then may stay for a cuppa and chat. We will have a couple of optional sing-through practices beforehand. Details yet to be decided.
    If you are interested, please e-mail me at : Thanks.

  • Bridge Singers are going to be working on Monteverdi's Gloria again. Remember there are downloadable materials to help you get to grips with how this amazing piece works and learn/review lots of other generic music stuff as you go. Here’s a link to the resources: Learning Lots with Monteverdi's Gloria A Learning Collection of 40 Projects.

  • After all that work, take a bit of time off, by following this link. Recommended by Peter Hall, it's wonderfully entertaining and musically amazing. If you have an absolutely-mustn't-miss suggestion, do email with it.

  • Progress is being made finding dates for the next Music Literacy Course and Trial by Jury (Gilbert and Sullivan in a weekend). If you're not already in touch about these, do email.

Emma George