Feltonbury 2019 is on!!


It’s official - Feltonbury 2019 is happening!

Saturday 22nd June, 2019 is the date and the planning process gets underway. The event has become a village social landmark in the space of a very short period of time - and we intend keeping improving the quality of the day's activities. Each year we have had a different focus and this year is no change - whilst simultaneously retaining the popular 'favourites' in their known slots.  

As in previous years there are several existing and new venues:

a) The Bridge
b) Northumberland Arms and it's car park
c) Felton Village Hall
d) Gallery 45 (indoors)
e) Gallery 45 Courtyard
f) The Old Bank
g) On 'The Plot' - the Community Allotment space, in a 'bell-tent venue'

'The Bridge' is an ideal focal point in the village and there have had great performances there in the rain, wind - and most effectively in the hot sunshine. The Gallery45 Courtyard is a great venue as is the Long Room directly above it. We had high expectations of 'The Plot' last year - and they were fulfilled with an over-subscribed yoga session. All of the outdoor venues are heavily dependent on good weather but, as in previous years, we will have wet-weather alternatives in place for each outdoor venue as a 'back-up' plan.

The ‘Stag Head Beer Tent’ and the 'Prosecco Van' in Gallery 45's Courtyard proved to be a significant success and will be repeated; however, minor amendments will be introduced to ensure that musical performances get a ‘fair hearing’.

The outline plan for the evening in the village hall is a 'Battle of the Bands' event. This event normally takes place in Alnwick Playhouse but because of refurbishment the Duchess High School has accepted our offer to host the vent in the village hall. This will attract a number of extremely proficient youngsters to compete for the title - with street-busking and venue performance as an integral part of the competition. The intention of this event for the local community is to increase the youth representation into the event as well as encouraging the community's young musicians and artists to participate.

Provisional arrangements have also been put into place for 'Prism' - a Pink Floyd Tribute Band - to perform in the village on the preceding night as a ticketed event. The band and the venue haven't been finalised as yet but will advise as soon as it is known. Also, the Village Hall is now licensed so alcohol can be sold; again that’s something that we are working on.

Here is last years programme which will give an idea on what, where and when went on.

2019 - The schedule for this year is below.

Slots are booked in single/multiple 15 minute slots. So, set the 'ball rolling' by having a look at your options.

Side by side with the music venues is an 'arts trail' - and there is added interest already. The spreadsheet template now includes a one-hour musical 'lunch break' for everyone to 'take a break' and to enable musicians to visit artists venues - who will take a similar, but differently timed 'lunch break'. 

The 'We Burn' 'flash-mob' choir was a tremendous success in 2018 - and now the majority know what it is about it can become bigger and more confident. The 'venue' leaflet was also a great success and helped people negotiate the village to be in the right place at the right time.

Download the preliminary 'Feltonbury2019' Poster and please share as you feel appropriate.

Feltonbury is expanding - we are keen not to make it too big - but there is scope to make better use of what we have already. Lessons are learnt each year and we are incorporating those into this year's planning.

Everyone is most welcome to join the Feltonbury2019 community. Our strapline is 'No Mud, No Queues, No Tailbacks, No Talent' (How wrong that is - especially the latter!). If you want or know someone who wants to perform, display - and most importantly be a 'helper' - then please let us know and we will add you/them to the growing database. Email Neal Skelton at nealskelton@btinternet.com

Feltonbury2019 updates will be posted here on the website and on Facebook www.facebook.com/Feltonbury. Everything is up for discussion, so contact us by email or via Facebook.