Feltonbury Update - March

The first 'on-line' planning meeting was held earlier this month confirming that the proven format of previous years and various feedback comments will be added to 'Feltonbury2019'. 

Slots are staring to fill in the timetable - get in touch soon if you want to be involved.

As in previous years we are planning several venues
a) The Bridge
b) Felton Village Hall
c) Gallery 45 (indoors)
d) Gallery 45 Courtyard
e) Gallery 45 'Long Room'
f) The Old Bank and, this year
g) in a 'bell-tent venue' on 'The Plot' - the Community Allotment space. The Foxes Den is a new venue and we will also discuss the best way to use the Northumberland Arms - inside and/or outside.

'The Bridge' is an ideal focal point in the village and there have had great performances there in the rain, wind - and most effectively in the hot sunshine. The Gallery45 Courtyard is a great venue as is the Long Room directly above it- but we will make sure that there is no clash of music schedules.

We have high expectations of 'The Plot' - but it is going to need some effort to make it what we are after. All of the outdoor venues are heavily dependent on good weather but, as in previous years, we will have wet-weather alternatives in place for each outdoor venue as a 'back-up' plan.

The ‘Stag Head Beer Tent’ in Gallery 45 Courtyard proved to be a significant success and will be repeated; however, minor amendments will be introduced to ensure that all musical performances get a ‘fair hearing’ - i.e. we won't have conflict between the Long Room and the Courtyard - and we will endeavour to make sure that Courtyard performers are listened to.

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