Noticeboard 14th April

  • Enjoy Breton music and dance in Newton on the Moor on Thursday April 18. Workshop and dance / concert. See the calendar for the information

  • Our Gilbert and Sullivan weekend workshop is coming up at the end of the month. Do come and enjoy seeing and hearing what we've managed to put together in a very short space of time, when we present a run through of “Iolanthe” at 3pm on Sunday April 28 in Felton Village Hall. It'll take about an hour and admission is free. Maybe we can tempt you to take part next year.

  • On May 4th many of us will be at the Village Hall remembering Bob George and celebrating his life with music and conviviality. It's wear something pink, but, sadly, if you haven't already got a ticket you are probably not able to come along – every seat is full.

  • There's no Regency Ball this year – we want to keep things a bit varied, but we're looking at organising a le Ceildih-come-Cabaret in the early autumn. French folk dances – easy to learn and enjoy and various spots with a French theme. Bring your own baguette. More information soon.

  • Drop In Singing moves to its summer pattern in May. We'll be meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month until September when get-togethers are weekly again. Check out the calendar for topics and to confirm the dates.

  • Remember that the calendar summarises what's happened at each Music Saturday session and includes suggestions for what you might prepare for next time.

  • Hazel Metherell is exploring the possibility of setting up a Dance Club. This is not a class, but a chance to share knowledge with each other about all sorts of different types of dance. She'd love it if musicians were an integral part of the process – and of course you might be a dancing musician. Maybe a new dance piece created in conversation with the music. It sounds very exciting - collaborative and creative, and will be accessible to all, whatever their abilities. At the moment she's trying to find out who's interested before going on to seek when it could happen. Interested? If you don't have Hazel's contact details, email and I'll put you in touch with her.

Emma George