Noticeboard: 2nd August 2019

  • The next Music Saturday is on August 17, a week later than usual. Everyone is welcome, whether regular or occasional users – or people who have never been before. There's no ukulele group this time – that restarts in September and is open to guitars, banjos, mandolins as well as ukuleles. If you're just getting going or enjoy having a strum with others, this could be the group for you. Click on the event on the calendar to find out what we did last time and what's planned for this.

  • Thinking of ukuleles, if you would like to borrow an instrument to have a go, make contact. And Alan Birkmyre has a descant recorder for sale, made by Moeck, with German fingering – very slightly different from what many people use but very learnable.

  • Drop In Singing is not at its usual location on Tuesday August 13th, instead it is at Felton Village Hall.

  • The Learning section on the website is slowly growing. There's another set of downloadable materials for anyone to use. They are dedicated to the Bridge Singers and are based on Monteverdi's Gloria – a wonderful piece that has kept the choir busy at rehearsals for quite a time. Go to the new Learning Section of the website for more details

  • The enthusiasm with which people in and around Felton are engaging with music has encouraged a brand new idea. The wheels are in motion to create a wind band to perform a concert in December. It's reckoned there are enough players in the area, or prepared to travel in as many do already, to make the venture work. The people setting it up hope to attract players of all the woodwind and brass instruments that normally make up the standard concert band – that's just about everything except recorders. Percussion players are needed too. It's envisaged that rehearsals will take place locally on Wednesday evenings, starting in September. As there will not be many rehearsals before the proposed concert, players need to be of intermediate level (e.g. grade 4 and above) and to be able to read music proficiently. If you are interested please contact Derek at or 0789 124 5201.

  • More and more people who would like to get their recorder playing going again are making contact. Check out the Better Recorder Playing Course and get in touch if you are interested in joining this or other playing opportunities.

  • Do you play the flute – did you – or do you know anyone who has one tucked away? Thoughts are knocking around for a one off workshop for people to see if they'd like to get going again or do a bit more. Email is you could be interested.

  • No Edinburgh Fringe trip this year – just not enough people to make it viable. Maybe next year!

Emma George