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Music Saturday

Sight Reading

Galuppi's Kyrie has served its purpose. We'll work with another piece in this way some time, finding lots of things to learn about it within the issues it raises. In May we made a lot of progress understanding why sometimes you want to sing an F# when it says F natural. In June we'll look at the topic of key signatures and accidentals – the sharps, flats and naturals you get when the music is changing key. We'll carry on with the “two things at once” challenge, whether it's counting and clapping or clapping one part while singing another. We might even do swopping parts mid-stream......

Confident Singing

Everyone had a solo song of their choice and had a go at singing it in private, then making a present of it for a buddy by singing it for them. Strict rules for the buddy – no feedback, just a heartfelt thankyou. Thinking about singing for someone else as giving them something can help overcome the embarrassment of performing, which is largely self-consciousness. In June we'll start from the same place, then singing pairs will help each other do their songs even better by providing feedback from the listener's perspective. If you haven't yet chosen a song, email, or pick from the selection on the day.

A Cappella

We worked in just two groups in May – the holiday season has got underway. The Coquet Room Chorale explored the more complex repertoire, and those who chose to have a bit more support worked again on the Clemens Sanctus and Vere Languores Nostros. If there's a similar group next time, we'll go over those again and look at Tu Mentis Delectatio and one of the Latin Canons by Gumpelzhaimer.


We warmed up playing a sequence of 7th chords – a good fingering challenge led by Julia.  Then we played around with tunes which use the notes of a C6 chord (C E G A). Johnny Todd Kumbaya and the Eriskay Love Lilt. You don't have to use any frets to make that chord, so our left hands had a bit of a rest. We worked on Rock Around the Clock, making the chords a bit more interesting each time and hearing the effect. It would be good to practise the sequence of 7th chords.

We're a small ukulele group now – people have other things to do on Saturday afternoons. We talked about ways forward, and decided to meet again in June, but not in July and August, starting back in September. Perhaps we should invite any players of fretted instruments to join us. Maybe another time in the week would suit more people better.

Slow Tunes

We enjoyed playing through lots of tunes and improving them. There'll be five new tunes in June – more if members of the group want to bring along some. We agreed that we're up for playing folk tunes from other countries too. Use those holidays to seek out the tune books – you'll often find them in book shops!

Swedish Folk Music

We worked on Polskas, a March and a Waltz aiming to play them in the Swedish style. They are great tunes and the playing approach makes them really dynamic. Have a practice if you can – and new members are very welcome – and instrument, playing by ear or using the dots.

Music Saturdays are monthly workshops for singers and players. Everyone is welcome to come to one or more sessions as often as they want. See Music Saturdays Page for more general information and plans for the next session.

Cost of Confident Singing is just 50p. For everything else, it's £1.50 for each session to cover room hire, refreshments and materials.

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