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Music Saturday

Sight Reading

In June we worked hard on understanding key signatures – meaning we had to start by constructing major scales. In July we'll review this and focus on coping with changing key. If you want the June materials, email me.

Confident Singing

Still singing our solo songs with a buddy, we'll focus more on posture, breathing, projection and getting across the meaning. If you haven't chosen a song yet, make contact.

A Cappella

The Coquet Room Chorale are still exploring the set of 4 part pieces. Those who fancy a rather slower pace and lots of support should review Josquin's Verbum Supernum Prodiens and Gumpelzhaimer's Canon in C – Benedictus. Practise the second verse of the Josquin, and aim to get the Gumpelzhaimer by memory.


We played around with the three chords, C, F and G(7), practising moving between them in different orders and finding songs that used them. We worked out the chords for several songs by ear, and read some more with much more confidence. No ukuleles for a couple of months – we'll get together again in September - perhaps with other fretted instruments too, if there are people who'd like to join in, and add A minor and D Minor to the C, F G family. 

Slow Tunes

We learned three newish tunes – Scalloway Lasses, Da Foula Reel and Arisdale Burn. Between each we relaxed with favourite slow tunes, working on tightening up the rhythm in Dark Isle and the sound in Da Slockit Light. Then we explored a Polish Polka and finished enjoying Planxty Fanny Powers. It would be good to work on all these, including playing expressively when the music calls for it. Do bring along any tunes you'd like us to play – from anywhere!

It's getting challenging now to keep track of all the tunes. Email me for a list of all the music you should have so we can make sure everyone is equipped.

Swedish Folk Music

We're beginning to get a bit more familiar with the style, and are playing with energy. July's session is going to be special – we're going to re-enact a Swedish Wedding, with music to play for the procession and celebrations. There may even be dancing. Do come – any instrument is welcome and you can play by ear or from music. Bring along something snacky (Swedish if you can and definitely small!).

Music Saturdays are monthly workshops for singers and players. Everyone is welcome to come to one or more sessions as often as they want. See Music Saturdays Page for more general information and plans for the next session.

Cost of Confident Singing is just 50p. For everything else, it's £1.50 for each session to cover room hire, refreshments and materials.