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Music Saturday

Monthly Music Saturday

Sight Reading

The third of our sessions focussed on Galuppi's Kyrie. If you were are the workshop in March you have a copy. Try and spend some time reminding yourself what is going on in all the parts and practising bits of the music, so we can sing more on Saturday. And of course, our favourite count and clap for warming up.

Confident Singing

We've been working on the Spirituals in small groups for several sessions – practising supporting the voice and controlling dynamics. The intention is that this is the last time we sing this batch of songs. In May we're going to start working on songs that really mean something to you – so have a think. Which song says what you want to say?

A Cappella

A choice of three types of activity to suit all levels of experience. The Coquet Room Chorale can continue exploring the new SATB collection. Is today going to be the day when you take the plunge and work with just one other person on a 2 part piece? If you haven't aready sung it, prepare Sancti Mei by Lassus – 24 bars of 2 part bliss. One group enjoyed Josquin's Verbum Supernum last time. Take a look at the next piece in the collection – the Kyrie from Byrd's three part Mass and Palestrina's Jes Rex a little further one. Those with least experience could look over the Tallis Canon again, and the Clemens Sanctus.


Last time we used some minor chords, A minor and E minor and enjoyed some songs with few or no changes. We practised switching between A minor and G major, and then E minor and D major, and also working out chord patterns by ear. We'll do some more minor chord work, and maybe practise “Afton Water”.

Slow Tunes

Last time we worked hard on the Martin Hayes and Kesh jigs, finding the scale and arpeggio patterns they are made out of and practising those to get the fingers moving. We really felt the benefit when we played them both through at a reasonable speed. We cooled down with Black Island, then got lively again with the hornpipe Minstrel's Fancy. If you've time to do some practice, aim to get those jigs and the hornpipe fluent. Got a tune you want to play? There are still a few in the pack that we haven't done, or maybe there's another one you'd like to bring along.

Swedish Folk Music

Last month a good sized group with a variety of instruments enojoyed getting to know some tunes, mainly Polskas, from the Uppland tradition. People are keen to carry on, so come along for more tunes and ways of playing with Chris Metherell.

Music Saturdays are monthly workshops for singers and players. Everyone is welcome to come to one or more sessions as often as they want. See Music Saturdays Page for more general information and plans for the next session.

Cost of Confident Singing is just 50p. For everything else, it's £1.50 for each session to cover room hire, refreshments and materials.

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