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Music Saturday

Sight Reading

In July we reviewed key signatures, and everyone was given a table with all the major scales on it, showing how they relate to each other. We tackled modulating – changing key. In August we'll revisit this and learn about cadences. Have a think about what you'd like us to work on next – it's time for another topic. What trips you up or mystifies you when you are singing unfamiliar music? If you want the July materials, email me.

Confident Singing

August will be our last sessions with the solo songs. We'll consider tension – physical and emotional and how to help release it to allo for better singing.

A Cappella

Numbers were lower than usual in July – lots of holidays and other events, so we stayed together in one group, working on 3 part pieces – In Domino Confido and Byrd's Benedictus. A lot of hard work was done and we finished by reading through a 2 part piece Lasso, quel ch'altri fugge to la – rather well! We can stay together in August if numbers are low again. If we do split, those who like to have a bit more support should review Josquin's Verbum Supernum Prodiens and Gumpelzhaimer's Canon in C – Benedictus. Practise the second verse of the Josquin, and aim to get the Gumpelzhaimer by memory.


No sessions in July and August for the ukuleles – we'll start strumming again in September.

Slow Tunes

We got a lot done in July's session, alternating very familiar, quite well known and new tunes. We got to know “The Wild Rose of the Mountain”, “Lasses of Dunse” and “Cold Frosty Morn”. In the course of lots of playing, we discussed playing by ear and agreed we'll always do the “Salmon Tails”, “Winster Gallop”, “Jimmy Allen” set playing without music as much as possible. We also found out that several tunes use the same chord pattern as “What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor”, and composed “Felton Fancy” on that pattern. Email for the list of music or to ask for copies of tunes you haven't got.

Swedish Folk Music

In July we had a great time learning more about the role of music in a traditional Swedish wedding, and playing the tunes. Along the way we had a go at a Swedish polka and ate very tasty snacks. Many thanks to Hazel and Chris Metherell. Do come along to nejoy playing something a bit different.

Music Saturdays are monthly workshops for singers and players. Everyone is welcome to come to one or more sessions as often as they want. See Music Saturdays Page for more general information and plans for the next session.

Cost of Confident Singing is just 50p. For everything else, it's £1.50 for each session to cover room hire, refreshments and materials.