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Music Saturday

Quiet a few regular attenders were unable to make it in August, but we had a happy and useful time.

Sight Reading

Everyone learned how to add simple harmony to “Now the Day is Over”, and, having learned about chords, we found and heard the 4 types of cadence. The people who were there found it interesting, so we'll do a recap in September. If you'd like pdfs of the materials we used so you can take a look before you come along, just email. As well as harmony and cadences, we'll pick up the matter of rhythm again – probably getting rests the right length.

Confident Singing

People teamed up in twos to teach each other their song. This brought up two familiar matters – breathing and projection. So we'll return to them in September, using a few songs about singing – you're bound to know at least one of them. Meanwhile, try whenever you can to remember to think about breathing when you're singing.

A Cappella

Wih just 9 singers, we stayed on one group and learned 3 brand new pieces in 2 and 3 parts, singing in Latin, English and French. The set of August 2019 pieces will be available at the September session to add to our resources.. Email if you'd like to have a set beforehand.

Ukuleles – or maybe Fretful

Ukuleles relaunch in September in a new format – all players of instruments with frets are invited. That's guitars, banjos and mandolins as well as ukuleles. This session has evolved to supplement other opportunities which may concentrate on learning and practising songs. We do some of that, but also learn a bit about chords and chord sequences and how harmony and tunes work. Fun for any player who is just getting going and is keen to learn more in happy company.

Slow Tunes

We started with our set of 3 tunes which we're doing from memory as much as possible – perhaps the speed was rather on the jolly side – there were complaints! So we played Da Slockit Light to recover. Then it was Elsey's Waltz, which wasn't well known and brought up the issue of being able to jump an octave if a tune goes out of the range of one's instrument. The Dashing White Sergeant which we got to a pretty dashing speed, having practised the scaley bits. Having got into a waltzy mood, we learned Rose's and Sail Away Ladies. After all that new stuff and jumping around, we finished off with Planxty Fanny Powers, Proudlock's Hornpipe and Black Isle. Email for the list of music or to ask for copies of tunes you haven't got.

Swedish Folk Music

A small group enjoyed practising and playing the music, which is beginning to feel a lot more familiar in style.

Music Saturdays are monthly workshops for singers and players. Everyone is welcome to come to one or more sessions as often as they want. See Music Saturdays Page for more general information and plans for the next session.

Cost of Confident Singing is just 50p. For everything else, it's £1.50 for each session to cover room hire, refreshments and materials.

Earlier Event: 11 September
All Blown Out rehearsal