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Calamity Jane - Musical In A Morning

Come and join us in Felton Village Hall for a morning of music and laughter! As usual we'll spend the first hour and a half warming up, reminding ourselves how all the tunes go and getting to know less familiar numbers. There's a good long break to give voices a chance to recover, then just an hour to run through the show.

No solos – everyone sings everything, so by the end we're all sung out. And anyone is welcome to come along and sing as much or as little as they choose. There'll be little bits of dialogue for volunteers to read to hold the songs together.

Some people enjoy a touch of dressing up in the style of the show, so that's encouraged, and there'll be a quiz again - it really will be short!

If you've got time to do a bit of preparation, quite a lot of the songs are on YouTube. You can get a DVD for under a fiver and a CD for even less. I've got the scores already from the library - if you would like to borrow one, get in touch.

No need to book - just turn up, pick up your score, get yourself a drink and a chair - and - whip-crack-away!

Later Event: 7 October
Medieval Mixture